Friday, August 03, 2012

Honour Spotlight: Tom Judge

Tom Judge is a special man.  He's an absolute nutcase a lot of the time.  I was pushing a trolley through Tesco the other day, and he came round the corner with his own trolley, and just charged me.  He is an expert at making fun of himself and making people laugh.  His sense of humour is infectious. No party is complete without Tom Judge.
He's also very hardcore.  Rumour has it that if he's bored, he'll run to the beach and back.  The beach is 13 miles away.  I first met Tom on the frisbee pitch when I was playing for Grey and he was playing for Hild Bede.  After marking him for about 2 points, I summarised him to my team as 'engine'.  The guy just ran.  He worked so hard for his team.
Recently, Tom has joined my setup team at church.  He is attentive, making sure he learns as much as he can as quickly as he can, and meticulous, never pausing until everything is done, and continually asking what else needs doing. His attitude is exemplary.
Finally, Tom is one of the best conversationalists I know.  He is a very interesting guy himself, but he always seems to direct conversations away from himself and towards others.  He takes a real interest in peoples lives and takes time to see how you're doing.  He is full of interesting questions to ask, and makes people feel comfortable in talking to him.  Tom makes you feel like you can safely be honest with him.  Whether the topic of conversation is silly or serious, Tom is key to it.  And when he says he'll pray for you, you know he will pray his heart out for you.
Tom is a few years older than me.  If I am as awesome as he is in a few years, I will have done very well indeed.

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