Friday, April 13, 2012

Sitting in the sharing of the feeling

Last night we were talking about prayer - how it works, whether God changes his mind, how we can influence God, how prayer changes God, when to stop praying for a situation, how to pray well.  We came up with lots and lots of questions and very few answers, but I remembered one thing in particular.
One friend said it can be hard to know what words to pray for a situation, and that sometimes all you can do is be with the situation before God, sharing the knowledge of the situation with him.  She was relating this particularly to praying for another person who was suffering.
My friend described this as 'sitting in the sharing of the feeling'.  I love that phrase.  Sitting before God, sharing in yourself what the other person is feeling, being with them, and with God, in the suffering.
Sitting in the sharing of the feeling.

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