Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Soundtrack of 2009

Last year I wrote a blog about my soundtrack of 2008.  Here is my soundtrack of 2009.  Links take you to Youtube videos.

Athlete - Black Swan Song
A great song, I think anyone would agree.  On of my current 'funeral songs'  Also has an outstanding video.  Emotional stuff.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember
Possibly the most fun love song ever.  Another great video.  And the best up-the-octave move I've ever heard at 3.26.

Bloc Party - Sunday
A wonderful song, with one of my all-time favourite middle-eights, especially when they link it back in with the chorus.  The album combination of Kreuzberg (on last year's soundtrack), I Still Remember, and Sunday, is enormous.

Bottlerockit - Die Out (no video available)
A song I've known for years but has really come back to me this year, by the small-town punk rockers.

Doves - Satellites
B-E-A-bloody-utiful.  That is all.

Enya - Book of Days
I don't think I will ever stop going on about the genius that is Enya.  This is an old song of hers, but one of her very best.  The video is a live version - this is incredibly rare!

Feeder - Morning Life
This song just sounds so good!  The four guitar parts are amazing.  Morning Life has actually entered my list of contenders for greatest song ever.

Lifehouse - From Where You Are
Clearly a lovely song.  Lifehouse somehow manage to play songs that on paper are immensely cheesy, but without making them cheesy.  Remarkable.  Apparently this song will be on their next album, to be released in February.

Mew - 156
Another song I've known for a while, but this year I've listened to it a lot.  It is currently challenging 'Am I Wry?' for the title of Mew's best song and a place in the list of contenders for greatest song ever.

Regina Spektor - The Call
This is on this list because of its place as the end song for the film Prince Caspian.  Best non-LOTR film ending song I've ever heard, perfectly captured the poignancy at the end of the film.

Stellastarr* - Move On (no video available)
The best song off the new album and, as is often the case with Stellastarr*, it's just an absolute TUNE!

This blog would not be complete without mentioning Athlete's third album Beyond the Neitghbourhood.  While no song quite matches Black Swan Song, almost every track comes close, and the overall standard of the album is outstanding.  The best album of the year, highly recommended (it's on Spotify, go there now!)

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Joe 50 said...

I'm glad Satellites has found a place in your heart!