Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Albums of the decade #8 – Stellastarr* – Harmonies for the Haunted (2006)

I discovered Stellastarr* the one time I watched MTV – a very lucky day for me.  This, their second album, is packed full of enormous tunes.  ‘TUNE’, in capitals, really is the best word to describe most of this album.  Almost every track is insanely addictive, and the opener, ‘Lost in Time’, is another contender for greatest song of all time.  The album doesn’t seem to have a clear theme which is a shame and can make it seem disjointed, but taken on a song-by-song basis, it is unbelievably strong.  Probably the most ear-catching album I own, the drums, guitar and bass combine seamlessly, and the vocals are strong and haunting.  However, what gives Stellastarr* the edge over many other similar bands are the enchanting backing vocals of bassist Amanda Tannen, especially on tracks like ‘Sweet Troubled Soul’.

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