Saturday, December 19, 2009

Albums of the decade #4 – Anberlin – Cities (2007)

Cities is an absolute monster of an album.  Other than a couple of tracks, and the three (yes, three!) bonuses at the end, it is simply a beast.  The sound is basically pop-rock, but on a massive scale.  Each song seems to start incredibly fast, loud an up-beat, yet still manage to explode into the chorus.  The music is the sort that you’d listen to before entering the boxing ring, except for the lyrics, which get really quite deep, especially on ‘A Whisper and a Clamour’ and ‘Fin’, this albums contender for greatest song ever.  ‘The Unwinding Cable Car’ and ‘Inevitable’ give brief and beautiful respite from the otherwise enormous sound of this album.  Cities is also very well put together – the track listing is perfect and gives the album a feeling of completeness.

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