Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dr. Who

This is my first (possibly of several) attempt to explain why Dr. Who is, frankly, lame.

I have, admittedly, not seen much Dr. Who, mainly because it doesn’t appeal at all and I have better things to do with my time.
I have seen a few of the older episodes and a few of the more recent Ecclestone/Tennant ones.

It seems to me that Dr. Who has very little quality in any area.
The plots are farcical, full of cheap and ‘convenient’ plot devices.  The stories are not interesting, engaging, entertaining or convincing.
The acting is unimaginative, wooden and cartoony.
The character of the Doctor is unbelievable and unconvincing.  He is too powerful, a bit like superman, and therefore uninteresting.
The gadgets are a joke (‘sonic screwdriver’?!), very James Bond.
The language sounds like a six-year-old wrote it – things like the ‘Immortality Gate’ in the most recent eposide.

There are only two explanations for this.

  1. Dr. Who, as a programme, is lame.  A bad combination of all the worst things about James Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek and Elidor.
  2. Dr. Who, as a programme, is a spoof (but a poorly and humourlessly done spoof).

If you are a Dr. Who fan, please comment and point out my errors or explain why you think it is good.


Unknown said...

it is untrue when you say there are a few older episodes theres over five hundred from many different actors try other ones you may just find something you like.

Unknown said...

I did not say there a few older episodes, I said I have seen a few of the older episodes. What I have seen has not convinced me it is worth my time to watch any more.

Are there any particular episodes you would recommend? And are they on the internet?

James Doc said...

Dr Who should not be taken as a serious sci-fi/fantasy... because you are right it is a joke. The audience aim is far far to broad and as a result there are very few episodes that I would class as five stars...

Also due to a wide range of writers for the series the quality varies greatly; Russell T. Davies who brought back the series (and also kicked off Torchwood) cannot write a consistant story line... On the other hand Stephen Moffat can write well constructed stories; Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink are all episodes that I would high rate in the series. Family of Blood (S03E09) is also well worth a watch too...

I'm holding out for the next series with Stephen Moffat at the helm working with a new Doctor, hoping that he will pull it back, and actually define the audience he is writing for...

Unfortunately Doctor Who is one of the few attempts that the British have tried at Sci-Fi, Paradox which the Beeb put out recently was very good, as was Eleventh Hour if you saw that a couple of years ago on ITV. If you are looking for real sci-fi though, I would look across the pond to the Stargate franchise, Battlestar Galactica or Dollhouse.