Monday, December 14, 2009

Albums of the decade #9 – Sabio – Escape (2002)

This is, guaranteed, the least well known of the 10. It is probably the least well known of any of my albums. Yes it is immense. Only 8 tracks, but every one is excellent. The genre would be labelled Christian Rock, but this is no cheesy American trash – this album contains some of the most real, intense, intimate and vulnerable lyrics I have heard. The music is very well crafted, from the mainstream guitar driven ‘Meaning of my life’ to the harder rock of ‘Money Makers’ to the piano ballad ‘Frozen’. Frozen usually makes me cry, by the way - possibly the best lyrics ever. The standout track is ‘Mother’, another contender for the greatest song of all time. One of those songs that words genuinely cannot describe. Sadly, this was all that Sabio every produced, before splitting and embarking on other projects. I can only imagine what they could have become.
For a more detailed review of Escape, go here.

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Joe 50 said...

I thought it would make it in and about this level. For the record, my fairly settled order of rating for this album is: 6, 3, 8, 7, 1 //(definite divide to...)//, 4, 5, 2. Occasionally 5 > 4.