Friday, December 18, 2009

Albums of the decade #5 – Delirious – Glo (2000)

Delirious have quality everywhere, but it is most concentrated on Glo. ‘God’s Romance’, ‘Investigate’, ‘My Glorious’, ‘Everything’, ‘The Years Go By’, ‘Jesus Blood’, for example. Song after song of unashamed worship, from the masters of this genre. But what makes Glo so outstanding are the four so-called ‘Glo in the dark’ tracks that bind the album together and add to the already-present live feel. This impact makes Glo the most ‘complete’ album I own. With fifteen tracks, several at 6 or 7 minutes, this album is a massive work and has quite a big, epic feel, while still remaining close and intimate with songs such as ‘What Would I Have Done’ and Intimate Stranger’. Another contender for greatest song of all time here – the enormous ‘My Glorious’.

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