Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dancing part 3

Following two previous posts on dancing, it is time for a third.  Some more thoughts, following a recent wedding and a party with a live band.  Some of these thoughts overlap with the previous two posts.

First thought:
People seem to have very little idea of what they mean when they talk about dancing in a live band concert (e.g. at a party or a wedding).  Sometimes the meaning is clear, such as at a ceilidh or barn dance, because there are specific steps and moves to the dance and everyone does the same thing.  However, when this is not the case, definitions are loose.  If I am not dancing, people often ask why, and encourage me to join in, as if everyone else in the room is dancing.  But looking around the room from the edge, it is very common that the majority of people are not dancing for much of the time.  Instead, they are talking, or just standing.  Sometimes they dance.  Then they stop for a while.  To be honest, my head-nods or foot-taps from the back of the room can be more active than some of the 'dancers' on the 'dance floor'.  It seems that when people refer to dancing, they are more concerned about location in the room (on the dance floor as opposed to at the back/edge.sitting down) than the actual activity taking place.

Second thought.
Many people who dance to live bands really do not look like they enjoy it.  They just look awkward.  Not all, but many.  I am confused as to why they try so often to do something that they do not enjoy.

Third thought:
Some reasons why I don't often dance to live music.
1.  I don't always like the music (as briefly discussed in the original Dancing post).
2.  Even when I do like the music it is often the case that I'd theoretically be up for dancing for about one song in four and often I can't be bothered to go and dance for one song only to stop for three.  I'd rather just watch the band.
3.  As evidenced by three posts (and counting), I have thought about this quite a lot, and I generally don't like to get involved in something until I have thought it through.  Therefore part of the reason I don't often dance is because I haven't completely thought through what I think of this sort of dancing.
4.  People often repeatedly ask me to dance, sometimes even trying to physically force me to do so.  This makes me angrier than people realise.  I question what makes people think they have the right to try to physically drag someone into doing something they don't want to do, or even to repeatedly badger them about it.  So another part of the reason is to make a stand against this behaviour.

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