Friday, February 20, 2009

My music collection in 15 songs

I tried to represent my music taste with just ten songs. I couldn’t do it. So here are fifteen songs that, together, represent my music taste. And no, it’s not significant that Idlewild are the only one of my elite circle of bands not to feature.

Anberlin – Fin: represents my love of epicness
British Sea Power – True Adventures: represents my occasional love of wierdness
Coldplay – Clocks: represents my completely mainstream side
DC Talk – What Have We Become?: represents my love of intense lyrics
Delirious – Deeper: because it’s such an iconic example of Christian rock
Enya – Wild Child: to show that I love Celtic music
Kato – Natural High: to show the diversity of my Christian music collection
Lifehouse – Hanging By A Moment: because I can handle a small amount of cheese within a brilliant song
Matt Redman – Bowing Down: for all the alternative, less well known worship music
Mew: Am I Wry? No: to represent my love of Scandanavian music, and in particular, vocalists
Oasis – Stand By Me: because I discovered music during the 90s
Strangeday – Fogpilot: an example of one band I love that no-one has heard of
Stellastarr – Sweet Troubled Soul: because I like songs that just have a great tune
Tim Hughes – Beautiful One: for the mainstream worship music
U2 – Tomorrow: because I like some older stuff as well

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