Thursday, February 05, 2009

Google verb game

Instructions: Copy and paste "{your name} eats/wants/looks like/ says etc." into Google and see what comes up - DON'T FORGET THE SPEECH MARKS.

Here’s what is came up with for me:

Ben is…
Dead – good start
A dork – harsh, but maybe fair
Your ideal man – oh yeah
Instructed to point his gun at George - riiight
One of London’s best-known tourist landmarks - awesome

Ben wants…
To be a millionaire – not actually true
U – er…
A normal girl - aww
To make his daughter proud – I didn’t know either
To live - deep

Ben eats…
Cats - random
Crap - tasty
2 scotch bonnets – haha, this is brilliant
Like a dinosaur – I’m the man!
Grapes – it’s true, I love them

Ben will...
Always be my hero – that’s nice
Be missed forever - *sob*
Train and support provider organisations – a man of many talents!
Get a go at Tottenham – realising my dream of being a footballer
Be touring once again – and a rock star

Ben should…
Get concussed every week – ouch!
Shower us with cash – in your (and my) dreams
Be ready for playoff game – football again
Be MVP – yeah! Damn straight I should!

Ben says…
The new season changes everything - oooh
It like it is – no messing
The same thing with slightly different words – yeah, I just rephrase everything
Goodbye – truth, I say it every day
Buy USA – what, the whole thing?

Ben wears…
A duck suit - genius
Prada – er, no
A hat - unlikely
Molly’s glasses – who’s Molly?
A dashing sombrero – and looks hot!
Slippers to interview session – always relaxed

Ben isn’t…
The greensman type – you never know…!
A wimp – people never believe this one
Finished yet – I’m *never* finished
The clone – no, he’s the original
Here, because he’s auditioning for Pop Idol – THE least likely thing ever
Entirely dead on the inside – the outside’s another matter…

Ben looks like…
A porn star – not what I expected
A homeless man – not much better
Johnny Depp – that’s the badger!
A ponce - oh
Harry Potter – I know I’m obsessed but…

Ben can…
Almost walk – I’m getting there
Really motor – this is true
Experience life to the full – good good
Be viewed on the Great Buildings Online web site - haha, there’s my namesake again
Transform into heroic alien forms with extraordinary powers – this is immense!

Ben can’t…
Draw - agreed
Shred the gnar - ??!
Win Big Brother – shame, that’s one ambition down the drain
Come up short – well I am very tall
Go back, because of the potential paradoxes – what?!

Ben has…
Guillain-Barre Syndrome – oh dear
Big future – yay!
High hopes - understatement
To bin his pipe and slippers – what, even for the interview?


Elliespeaks said...
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Elliespeaks said...

Yours is better than mine. Pft.
Still love it though - this confirms to me that you really are the biggest monster I have ever met. x