Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music that I need

Sometimes I’m sad/stressed/fed up/depressed. Just generally down. I have created a playlist to listen to at these times. Sometimes I listen to it on shuffle, sometimes I select certain songs. Here is the list, though more songs will probably be added over time:

Here without you – 3 Doors Down
Enough – Barlow Girl
Your Love – Bluetree
Praise you in this storm – Casting Crowns
Hollow – Cathy Burton
The Scientist – Coldplay
What if I stumble – DCTalk
The weight of the world – Editors
I want tomorrow – Enya
Only time – Enya
Child in you – Feeder
I’m happy to be here tonight – Idlewild
Worlds apart – Jars of clay
Simon – Lifehouse
Broken – Lifehouse
Easier to be – Lifehouse
Run to the water – Live
They stood up for love – Live
Never let go – Matt Redman
The Father’s song – Matt Redman
Blessed be – Matt Redman
Perfect time – Maire Brennan
At the foot of the cross – 100hours
Underwhelmed – Quench
Blessed tune – Rock’n’roll Worship Circus
Escape – Sabio
Control – Sabio
Mother – Sabio
Frozen – Sabio
Carry me – Sabio
Melody of you – Sixpence NTR
A million parachutes – Sixpence NTR
Will you be there – Skillet
Run – Snow Patrol
Chasing cars – Snow Patrol
Lost in time – Stellastarr
Love and longing – Stellastarr
A friend of mine – Strangeday
Fogpilot – Strangeday

Now a few comments:

1. Yes, Sabio really are that good, though only about 7 people in the world seem to have heard of them. I’ll write about them sometime.
2. If there is such a thing as a 2 hit wonder, Snow Patrol may be it. Run and Chasing Cars are huge, the rest of their stuff is mediocre.
3. Some of the most intense songs I have ever heard feature here – namely Worlds Apart, Simon, Mother and A friend of mine. These songs are just so emotionally draining just to listen to, it’s insane. But so good.

Does anyone else have certain songs or playlists like this? I'm talking the type of songs that just pick you up and calm you down when you need it?


Joe 50 said...

Ooh, I should make a list like this.

As an aside, are Sabio lyrics available on the net anywhere? I'm getting fairly obsessed. Also, do you own any Fruit? I heard of them when they were about, but didn't know they were the precursor to Sabio.

Unknown said...

Indeed you should.

I thought I had the lyrics as a word file but I can't find it :-(
When I get more time I'll try to type them up and email them to you.

No fruit sadly. Or Oversol, the band Sabio developed into.