Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Name Face

There are some albums that sometimes I just need, that’s medically need, to listen to.

These are:
Escape (Sabio)
The Friendship and the Fear (Matt Redman)
Divine Discontent (Sixpence NTR)
A Day Without Rain (Enya)
Jesus Freak (DCTalk)
No Name Face (Lifehouse)

The greatest of these is the last. No Name Face is Lifehouse's first album from 2000.

Of 14 tracks, only 1 (Somebody Else’s Song) does not make me think ‘I LOVE this track’, and it’s still a really good song.

A total of 6 of the songs (Hanging by a Moment, Sick Cycle Carousel, Simon, Quasimodo, Everything and Fool) are of the level that makes me liable to crash while driving. These 6 would all be contenders for a 20-track CD of my favourite songs ever. 6 out of 20 from one album is insane.

The other 7 songs (Unknown, Trying, Only One, Cling and Clatter, Breathing, Somewhere In Between, What’s Wrong With That?) are all easily in my ‘amazing’ category. These are all songs that would dominate many albums, yet they’re all on this one album, and aren’t even in the top 6 on the album!

My latest attempt to rank the 14 tracks, for anyone who cares (that’s you Joe), is:

Sick Cycle Carousel
Hanging by a Moment
Only One
Cling and Clatter
What’s Wrong With That?
Somewhere in Between
Somebody Else’s Song

But that’ll probably change. Anyhow, the album is amazing. It is also, interestingly, the most expensive album I have ever bought - £16.99. Bargain!


Joe 50 said...

"for anyone who cares (that’s you Joe)" that made me so happy!

Strangely, despite it's genious, it's not an album I've spent much time ranking (perhaps only 3 or 4 times). My main grapple is which order the 'big three' should go in. Yet appears you have smashed to pieces the consensus of the big three. I would agree with your top six, just not in that order. Of the top of the head maybe Quasi, SCC, HBAM, Fool, Simon, Everything.

You continued support of 'what's wrong with that' is concerning however. It's not amazing. It would not dominate any album i own. It would not dominate a Steps album. It is categorically weaker than any other track of there. it's not very good. otherwise an excellent post.

Unknown said...

Here we have probably our second greatest musical disagreement (after American English). I just think WWWT is a brilliant song. Brilliant.

Simon has clearly shot up in my estimations. HBAM is still awesome, but the others are a bit deeper, which pushes them up the rankings.