Friday, September 05, 2008

Reasons why Enya is great

1. Her music is unarguably beautiful. I know of no-one who would deny this.
2. Her songs have been featured on all sorts of films ant TV programs (most famously The Fellowship of the Ring), and she was asked to write the score to Titanic.
3. She is statistically Ireland’s second biggest musical export, after U2. In most other countries, other than UK and USA, she would be first.
4. She sings in ten different languages: English, Irish, Latin, Welsh, Spanish, French, Japanese, and three invented languages (Loxian, Quenya and Sindarin). That is genius.
5. She has become so iconic of new age chillout music that such huge songs as Adiemus (by Karl Jenkins/Adiemus) and Now We Are Free (by Lisa Gerrard), are frequently attributed to her.
6. When asked what genre her music belonged to, she replied “Enya”. That is so cool.
7. She has done all this without even giving live performances.

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Unknown said...

I completely agree with all of this. Her music is so moving and we even made a rollerblade and snowblade edit to one of her songs.