Friday, August 29, 2008

England Football Team

This is what the team should be, assuming all players are available:


Richards/Neville---Ferdinand--Terry/Woodgate---A. Cole

-----------2 of Hargreaves/Barry/Carrick------------

----Gerrard----------Rooney-----------J. Cole----


The full-back should be encouraged to play high up the pitch to provide extra width. The 2 central midfielders give extra defensive cover and act as the playmakers. Gerrard, Rooney and Joe Cole should mix it up. If Crouch plays, he is a target man and should not drop off too much. Ferdinand should be captain.

Thoughts anyone?

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Joe 50 said...

Interesting idea playing one-up with three attacking midfielders. Could word. however, any credibility your team has in undermined by the inclusion of the 'N' word.