Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Muse Moments

This is part three of what is, so far, a 3-part process.
I couple of months ago I was listening to Map of the Problematique by Muse.  There is a moment in this song (at 2.18) that I love, and I texted my friend Joe Williams, as follows "When listened to at the appropriate volume, 2.18 in Map of the Problematique is the greatest moment in any Muse song.  Discuss."  That was part one.
Joe soon listened to his whole Muse collection and came up with a shortlist of 13 moments that should be considered.  He didn't include anything from the latest album (The 2nd Law) because he didn't know it well enough.  That was part two.
Now I have ranked these 13 moments, as follows.  (Are you beginning to realise why Joe and I get on so well?)

13.  Cave 4.06
12.  Hysteria 0.21
11.  Unnatural Selection 6.26
10.  Bliss 3.07
9.  Resistance 3.43
8.  Citizen Erased 1.26
7.  Muscle Museum 3.41
6.  City of Delusion 2.55
5.  Stockholm Syndrome 2.37
4.  Starlight 3.25
3.  New Born 4.45
2.  Time is Running Out 1.46
1.  Map of the Problematique 2.18

As you can see, I still believe 2.18 in Map of the Problematique to be the greatest.  It's simply enormous.  It scares me a little bit.  You can listen to it here (it's actually at 2.22 in this video).
Interestingly, as I listened to these songs, I found that in some cases, these weren't even my favourite moments in the songs.  For example, I rate 1.37 in New Born more highly than 4.45.  I rate 2.44 in Stockhom Syndrome more highly than 2.37.  I rate 1.30 in Muscle Museum higher than 3.41.  Citizen Erased has several moments (3.16, 3.49, 4.11) at least on a par with 1.26.  1.42 in Unnatural Selection is up there with 6.26.  2.45 in Hysteria could challenge 0.21.
However, these were the 13 moments that were provided, so these are the ones I have ranked.

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