Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unpredictable weather

Everyone seems to be complaining about the snow at the moment.  Everyone except me, and I’m normally the one who complains about it first.  Surprising.
When the snow comes in December and January, many people are excited about it – it looks so beautiful, it’s fun to play in, it brings the nation together and we sometimes get snow days.  Many reasons to love the snow in the winter.  I, however, don’t love snow in the winter.  It does look awesome, but this positive is outweighed, for me, by the facts that it’s cold, I don’t particularly like playing in it (because I get cold very easily), it makes it difficult to get around, and snow days are actually a pain for me.
So, it’s still snowing, and it’s nearly April.  Because this snow is not causing any significant disruption to my life, and because it’s not actually that cold at the moment, I don’t really mind it.  But everyone else seems to have an issue with it.  Common quotes go along the lines of ‘It’s nearly April, it shouldn't be snowing now’.  Snow at this time of year seems to go against people’s sense of what the weather “should” be like.  This sounds like the sort of thing I would say.  I tend to like things the way they “should” be.  But when it comes to the weather, I love how unpredictable it can be in this country.  It amuses me that it could be snowing in April, sunny in December, and pouring with rain in July.  I know the unpredictability of it can be annoying, and can disrupt plans for sport, or picnics, or whatever, and this does annoy me too.  But at the same time, the fickleness of it all amuses me.
I'm a little surprised by the extent to which people are complaining about the recent snow, when they seem delighted with the much larger amounts of it in the winter.  Maybe people are just bored with it now, whereas I was already bored with it back in December.  Maybe it is simply about what the weather ‘should’ be like, and people are now longing for some warmth and sunshine.  Maybe people want either no snow or lots of snow, not these vague snow showers we've been having.  But I like it.  Not because it’s snow – as I've said, I don’t really like snow at all – but because it’s an example of our wonderfully unpredictable weather.
So there you go – a blog post about the weather.  How British of me.

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