Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Soundtrack of 2011

Following previous years here, here and here, it is now time for my soundtrack of 2011.

Athlete - Wild Wolves

Just lovely.  Only on the Black Swan bonus disc, but a great song.  I was lucky enough to see them play it live twice about a year ago.

Flight Brigade - Planes, Trains and Motor Vehicles
I discovered this band at The Vane Tempest Sessions in Durham, and this was the song that grabbed me the most.
(no video)

Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free

Not new at all, but still very special.  Gerrard's voice is immense.  One of the best film ending songs ever.  "Not yet, not yet".

Lifehouse - Simon

Another song over ten years old.  It's always been huge.  This year it's probably become my favourite by Lifehouse.

Lou Fellingham - See the Lamb of God

I saw Phatfish play at Spring Harvest this year, and this song was the highlight.  They built it up much more than on the recorded version.  Massively epic.

Matt Redman - Here For You

The best song off his latest album.  A lot of people are saying this is the best worship song since 2002's Consuming Fire.

Matt Redman - We can change the world

Touted at the June Project 2012 video song, this is also from Matt's latest album.

Matt Redman - Oh This God

So is this.  Musically probably my favourite on the album, and with better lyrics than it is given credit for.

Sigur Ros - Flugufrelsarinn

This is here simply because of the chord change at 3.56 (and later places), which is apparently just G to A, but sounds awesome.

Sigur Ros - Gong

Everyone knows what Sigur Ros do (if you don't, the above song is what they do), and everyone knows that they are amazing at what they do.  Gong is simply not what they (normally) do, and they're still amazing at it.

Soul Survivor - Our Hope
(no video)
A Spontaneous Song from Soul Survivor which, unlike most of the spontaneous ones, is immense.

Stoney+ - Jailbird

This just has a really catchy chorus.  It's a weird, but additive, song.

Stoney+ - Ghost

With some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, this song also entered my 'contenders for greatest song of all time' list this year.

Stoney+ - Underdog
(no video)
Just another very cool song from Stoney.  Some brilliant imagery.

Stoney+ - Let it go
(no video)
This has a very catchy riff and a very cool trumpet part.  I never get bored of it.

The Temper Trap - Love Lost

Temper Trap released a very good debut album this year, and while I can't pick a favourite track, this is right up there.

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James Doc said...

On Phatfish:
I've never been hugely impressed with their recordings, they always seemed overly post-produced. However I have really got into Lou Fellingham's Step into the Light, highlights being See the Lamb of God and, to my surprise, To God be the Glory.