Thursday, December 02, 2010

Inner circle review

Warning: this post displays epic geekery.

I categorise bands/artists that I like into three 'circles'.  The inner circle are my very favourite bands.  I just love them.  The second circle are other bands I think are very good.  They generally fail to get into the inner circle for one or more of three reasons: they have not produced enough music yet; their music is too variable in quality; or I just don't quite like their music enough.  The third circle are other bands that I like and regularly listen too.

Today there is are to alterations to the inner circle.  Anberlin are moving back into the second circle, on the basis of a relatively weak 5th album and a slightly disappointing gig.  Athlete are moving into the inner circle.

This leaves this inner circle as: Athlete, British Sea Power, Delirious, Idlewild, Lifehouse and Mew.
The second circle is: Bloc Party, Coldplay, DCTalk, Easyworld, Editors, Enya, Feeder, Muse, Anberlin, Matt Redman, Oasis, Sigur Ros, Stellastarr* and U2.

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