Monday, November 09, 2009

Mew in concert

On Saturday I went to see Mew play in Leeds. Here is a song-by-song review.

Special - an unexpected opener that began with just guitar and drums and took a few minutes of buildup before the actual song was revealed. A song that suffers from being between 2 slightly superior songs on the album. However, on the night it was brilliant - an excellent live performance and a great opener.
Zookeeper's Boy - as Special ended, everyone was wondering if it would flow into Zookeeper's as it does on the album. When it did, it was welcomed by one of the biggest cheers of the night. Lots of singing along, and seeing the live four-part harmony was pretty special.
Am I Wry? No - the entry was just as good as the recording, and this probably got the best singalong of the night. The sort of song a band can't go wrong with.
156 - very dark and sinister, even more so than the album version. They kept the first chorus low-key - quite chilling. But superb - probably the highlight of the show.
Hawaii - the first from the new album, and it didn't even feel like a letdown after 156. Epic, with great lighting. Felt like standing in a thunderstorm.
Apolcalypso - a carbon copy of the album recording, so I won't complain, but it was a shame that they did nothing different with it. Very good though.
A really random bit involving a teddy bear on the screen - don't think this was a real song, more of an instrumental. The bear spoke about friends and forgiveness - I didn't catch it all but it sounded very deep and moving. Then, one by one, tha bad left the stage while the music continued.
Repeaterbeater - then they re-entered and started in exactly the same way as at the beginning - guitar and drums, same rhythms and notes. This time they went into another of the new album which was short but solid.
Sometimes Life Isn't Easy - my favourite from the new album, and performed to perfection. So far not a single letdown on the night.
Saviours of Jazz Ballet (not sure about the order of this and the next two) - unexpected, but welcome, with suitably enormous chords. Good to hear one of the not-so-obvious-hits.
Beach - the latest album is weaker than the previous two, and there are 4 songs that stand out: Hawaii, Repeaterbeater, Sometimes Life, and Beach. This song confirmed this as a near-perfect set list.
White Lips Kissed - not what I'd have picked to play, but by this point Mew could do no wrong, and performed this with great skill and passion. The guitairst injured his finger, just before playing...
Snow Brigade - with a very difficult guitar part. But you couldn't tell he was injured. A great, fun, upbeat finish to the main set.

Circuitry of the Wolf - did not see this coming at all (I was expecting She Cam Home for Christmas), but it's always a good song to hear, especially when combined with...
Chinaberry Tree - one of those songs that everyone just loves. Big singalong.
Comforting Sounds - there's only one way to end a Mew gig, and this was enormous. One of those songs that you just have to hear live to really get it.

Overall, a magnificent gig. My only complaint would be a lack of She Came Home for Christmas (especially as they were only on stage for 1 hour 20. That aside, just brilliant, one of the highest quality concerts I've been to.

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