Monday, November 09, 2009

Early Christmas

This year, Tesco Durham went Christmassy on November the 1st.  Many other shops had of course already installed their decorations and displays.  Everyone I know gets annoyed by how early Christmas arrives each yeah, and it has been a pet hate of mine for years.
This year my thinking on the matter developed slightly.
We look at Christmas as one day, after weeks of build-up, which is usually a bit of an anticlimax.  We should think of Christmas as more of an extended festival, which begins on December 1st, in a quite relaxed and low-key manner, and climaxes on December 25th.  In the intervening period occur carol services, Christmas parties, gift shopping etc.
You see, I think that one reason why Christmas begins so early (other than profit-making) is that people want more than just one day from the biggest festival of the year.  By seeing Christmas as a 3-week festival rather than just one day, this desire would be satisfied.  Of course, not that whole 25 days would be as intense as the 25th.
Let’s think of ‘Christmas’ as an extended festival that lasts 25 days.  No more and no less.  Shops and other public places start decorating premises and selling Christmas goods from December 1st.  Activities and celebrations get steadily more intense until the climax day on 25th.
I know that this isn’t very different from what currently occurs.  The difference is in the mindset more than the activities.  See Christmas as a long festival, not just a day preceded by months of unnecessary hype.

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