Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes my (lovely, Sony Ericsson) phone doesn't know a word that I am trying to text. For example, 'housewarming'. I don't have a problem with this - I can just enter the word into the dictionary. One can't expect one's phone dictionary to contain all words, some of which aren't even proper words.

My problem is this: when trying to text 'housewarming', my phone's predictive text suggested 'housewasmhog'. In fact, it is possible to text 'housewasmhogafnleilts' in my phone before it gives the 'spell word' option because it no longer recognises the word I am trying to text. Housewasmhogafnleilts!

I don't know how these things are programmed, but either:
(a) someone enters all the words they think the phone will need, and housewasmhogafnleilts was one of them, or
(b) whatever program is used to recognise words thinks that housewasmhogafnleilts is more likely to be a word than housewarming.

Either way, there is no logic to this. This is one of many, many examples where a word that is clearly not really a word is recognised by my phone, but other words are not. Great annoyance and frustration ensues.

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Joe 50 said...

To be picky, I think this is actually the fault of the T9 dictionary not the mobile itself. However it is something that has frustrated me with my Sony Ericsson, and one of the number of reasons that I shall not be getting another!