Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Apprentice

I’ve seen this show a couple of times, and I just don’t get it. Everyone in it is horrible, and I can’t see why anyone would want to work for Alan Sugar. I have several objections to the programme:

1. It centres on sales ability. Contestants have to sell their product. There is so much more to business than this.
2. The contestants act like kids – lying, moaning, backstabbing, betraying, selfish etc. Especially in the boardroom, when they are asked why they should be hired and all they can say is why the other person shouldn’t be hired. It’s a farce.
3. Alan Sugar is very nasty. He will frequently ask someone to speak and then cut right through them. I don’t care who he is or what position he has, this is just downright rudeness. It annoyed me after it happened about twice, and it happens all the time. He is essentially a bully – I would never want him as my boss.
4. The show is based around the magic six-figure salary. The whole point is to get that salary. The whole programme is centred on greed. This is not a good thing to make a TV programme about.

Rant over.

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