Thursday, December 20, 2012

Albums of 2012

Here is a ranked list of the albums I have got this year.  Just in case anyone cares.  Bizzarely, there are three times as many albums on this list as on last year's.  It seems I have acquired a lot of new music this year.

21.  Northern Lights - Someone Else's Eyes
This is ok.  Some nice tunes.  Just not very interesting.

20.  Jamie Hill - One Day
Meh.  It's just ok.

19.  Phil Joel - The Deliberate People
Some reasonable songs here.  Nothing special though.

18.  Sigur Ros - Valtari
Other than () and Takk, I'm not too fussed by Sigur Ros.  Those two albums are incredible.  This one is ok.

17.  Soul Survivor - Soul Survivor 2011
This is quite mediocre.  The best songs on here are the ones of Matt Redman's album or One Thing Remains - all of which I already knew.  Not that impressive.

16.  The Gentlemen - A Candid History of Faith, Hope, Love
This is cool.  Not as good as their first album, but not bad.

15.  Bluetree - Kingdom
Quite underwhelming after their impressive first album, but some decent songs here.

14.  Syntactical Sugar - The Deuteronomy
This is pretty cool.  Not amazing, but no weak points.

13.  The Last Spectacular - The Last Spectacular
A nice album, featuring, but unfortunately dominated by the outstanding No Resistance.

12.  Jenny and Tyler - This Isn't a Dream
Some really nice songs.  A good album, though it doesn't hit the heights of some of their other stuff.

9=.  Jenny and Tyler - Open Your Doors
Slightly better, including the lovely Skyline Hill.

9=.  Bloc Party - Four
This is certainly no Weekend in the City, but it still has some really good songs.

9=.  The Birthday Suit - A Conversation Well Rehearsed
Solid.  Just very solid all round.

8.  Something Like Silas - Divine Intervention
Similarly solid.  I really like listening to this album.

7.  The Temper Trap - The Temper Trap
The Temper Trap are really good, and this album is really good.

6.  Tom + Olly - Spirals
I love Tom + Olly's style.  This album is packed full of tunes.

4=.  Muse - The 2nd Law
Another very strong album from the inimitable Muse.  Highlights include Madness, Follow Me and Big Freeze.

4=.  Anberlin - Vital
A happy return to form after the previous album.  Great stuff.  Anberlin back to (almost) their best.

3.  Jesus Culture - Come Away
Very strong.  Just very strong.  They really are excellent at this stuff.

2.  The Birthday Suit - The Eleventh Hour
Very surprising.  This band only appeared this year.  But this is really good.  Not quite Idlewild-good (The frontman is former Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones), but still really good.

1.  Jenny and Tyler - Faint Not
A very good album, with at least 5 superb songs, including probably my song of the year, Song For You.

It should be noted that I also got The Chilis' Stadium Arcadium this year, but couldn't committ to putting it on this list as it's a double album, which felt a bit like cheating.  I do like it though.  There were also some decent EPs this year: This is Freedom - Welcome Home; To Kill a King - My Crooked Saint; Martin Smith - God's Great Dancefloor; Lifecolour - Time to be Free; Dennis - Colliery Welfare.

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