Friday, November 30, 2012

Things I looked forward to in 2012

About a year ago I posted a list of things I was looking forward to in 2012.  All but one of these have now happened, and the last, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, will probably get a review post of its own.

Here is what I thought of these things.

Continuing reading The Malazan Book of the Fallen - I'm half-way through book six of this ten-book epic, having taken an extended break from August to October after book five.  I like it a lot, though it's one of the hardest things I've read.  A full review might come next year.

Returning to Monday night football - it has been so good to play semi-regular sport again.  I missed it a lot.  The injury is still there and is still limiting, but I'm coping with it.

Game of Thrones series 2 - brilliant.  Lived up to expectations following series 1.  Bring on series 3 in the Spring.

Kingdom by Bluetree - a disappointment, compared to their first album.  Not completely hopeless, but much weaker than I'd expected.  Review here.

June Project - in half term! - It was great to be involved again.  I co-led team sport, as I'd done on the first JP back in 2007.  Great times.

The Dark Knight Rises - at the time of writing, my joint top film of the year.  Almost guaranteed to stay in the top three by the end of the year.  Well done Chris Nolan and co.  Review here.

Lord of the Rings Lego - I haven't bought any of it, but the models look pretty good.  Lego just looks less impressive than it used to though, which is sad.  I'm still waiting for a model of Minas Tirith.

Weddings (including one of my oldest friends and my sister (not to each other)) - really fun.  Steve's seems a very long time ago now, but it was a great day.  Jenny's was wonderful, of course.  I ushered and MCed which was a lot of work but even more fun.

London 2012 - it was amazing, wasn't it?  Though it didn't exceed my expectations.  My expectations were very high, and the Olympics just about delivered.  More here.

Red Dwarf series 10 - variable, to be honest.  Some outstanding moments, and generally entertaining, but overall not as good as the older stuff.  Most episodes tended to focus on cheap gags rather than actual situational comedy and character comedy.

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This blog post makes me miss you a lot.