Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love cyclists, because I love cycling.  I love the speed down the hills, the challenge up the hills, the feeling of being miles from home and the only way to get back being me and my bike.  I love on road, off road, mountain biking.  I love cycling alone or with other people.  I love how it is faster than walking and more versatile than driving.  I love how it can keep me fit and save the planet.  I respect people who cycle, and love that they do it, but I sometimes also despair.

When I see a cyclist in the middle of the lane instead of on the left, or when I see a cyclist without a helmet, or ignoring a red light, I understand why drivers get annoyed by cyclists.  I love cycling, but even I get annoyed when I see (or sometimes don't see until nearly too late) a cyclist without proper lighting.  Over the last couple of months this has happened a lot.  As a driver, I am quite happy to slow down for a while and sit behind a cyclist to give them space.  I will overtake giving them plenty of room.  But I get infuriated when they seem to think themselves invulnerable and above the law.

So if you cycle, thank you.  Please keep cycling.  But please don't annoy drivers by being almost invisible and by ignoring things like red lights and rights of way.  If we want drivers to respect our right to cycle, we need to show that we can abide by the rules just like everyone else.

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