Saturday, April 09, 2011

Random triplet

Three entirely unlinked comments from the past three days.

1.  At cell on Thursday, we had a go at writing Psalms.  Emma included in hers the phrase 'awaken me with your joy'.  I liked this.  The idea that we are asleep without joy until God awakens us.

2.  Yesterday, I saw a Facebook status which read 'just saw Hagrid' referring to Robbie Coltrane, the actor who portrays Hagrid in the Harry Potter films.  I didn't like this.  It is wrong to associate actors with the parts they play so closely as to say you saw Hagrid when really you saw the actor.  It's not fair towards the actor or the character.  There is a danger that Coltrane becomes nothing more than Hagrid, or that Hagrid becomes defined by Coltrane's (outstandingly poor and limited) portrayal of him.

3.  This morning, I listened to 'I Still Remember' by Bloc Party.  This is a superbly summery song and is therefore very appropriate for our recent weather.

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