Saturday, April 02, 2011

Love Wins

I was intending to write a review of Rob Bell's latest book, Love Wins.  However, this Evangelical Alliance review is pretty much exactly what I would have written, so just read that instead.

I shall only add this, quoted from my review of The Shack:
Having said that, of course he is a heretic. Yes, the book is good, but yes, there’s also heresy in there. But so what? I doubt there’s ever been a book written (Bible excepted) that doesn’t contain some heresy. People, chill out a bit! Books are written by humans, they’re going to have errors in them! But that doesn’t mean all books are worthless! This book (and Chalke’s) are really good and well worth reading. Neither book is perfect, so you have to read them carefully, take the good stuff, and dismiss the misleading bits.


Anonymous said...

Probably also worth mentioning that no reader is perfect either, so what they choose to take or dismiss from any given (already) imperfect book might not be the perfect choice so we all end up being able to be sure of very little. How very post-modern!

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