Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscars 2011

Here's who I would pick, for the categories I can be bothered to write about.  Note that I haven't seen every film in the nominations, so these views are slightly flawed but as always highly opinionated.

Best Picture - Inception.  I've heard that The Social Network is very good but, frankly, if it was as good as Inception, someone would have tied me down and forced me to watch it by now.  I've yet to see The Fighter, and I expect that to be excellent, but I'd be amazed if it was quite as good as Inception.  Black Swan is quality, but not quite that quality.  The King's Speech, other than the acting, is very mediocre.  True Grit is by the Coen Brothers, and is therefore rubbish.

Best Director - Christopher Nolan (Inception).  Yes I know he's not nominated, but he should still win.  Of those who have been nominated, I could cope if Darren Aronofsky, David O Russell, or David Fincher won.  Just please, not the Coen Brothers.

Best Actor - Colin Firth.  No debate.

Best Actress - Natalie Portman.  One reviewer summed it up as a 'career-defining performance'.  Fact.

Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale.  He is going to be awesome in The Fighter.

Best Supporting Actress - Amy Adams.  She is also going to be awesome.

Best Original Screenplay - Christopher Nolan (Inception).  By a mile.

Best Animated Film.  Toy Story 3, obviously.  Pixar should never, ever lose this award.  Unless it's up against Shrek 1.

Best Adapted Screenplay - The Social Network.  I've heard this is excellent.

Best Art Direction - Black Swan (not nominated, but since when did I care?)

Best Cinematography - Inception.  Do not argue.

Best Sound Mixing - Inception.  I said, do not argue!

Best Sound Editing - Inception.  You have been warned.

Best Original Score - Hans Zimmer (Inception)  You get the message?  It's one of the greatest films EVER.

Best Film Editing - Inception

Best Animated Short - Day and Night (Inception was neither animated nor short)

Best Visual Effects - Inception

Totals: Inception wins 9, The King's Speech wins 1, Black Swan wins 2, The Fighter wins 2, The Social Network wins 1, Toy Story 3/Day and Night wins 2.  I missed out Best Song, Best Costumes and Best Makeup, plus all the random ones.

I doubt this will come true, and therefore I will disagree, as I always do, with the award.  Oh well, I'm happy knowing that Inception is amazing, The King's Speech is overrated, and the Coen Brothers are crap.


Elliespeaks said...

It's a good thing you're not in charge of the Oscars.

Unknown said...

Update: Having seen Never Let Me Go, Carey Mulligan is a contender for best actress, and NLMG is a contender for best adapted screenplay