Thursday, January 27, 2011

Film ending songs

Here is a tentative stab at the best five film ending songs, i.e. the song played at the end of the film, as the credits roll.  So, as yet in no particular order:

  1. May It Be - Enya - The Fellowship of the Ring
  2. Gollum's Song - Emiliana Torrini - The Two Towers
  3. Into the West - Annie Lennox - The Return of the King
  4. Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard - Gladiator
  5. The Call - Regina Spektor - Prince Caspian
The question is, is it significant that they are all performed by women?


Chris Juby said...

My favourites:

Exit Music - Radiohead - Romeo + Juliet
Wake up - RATM - The Matrix

Unknown said...

I'd like to edit the first one to In Dreams/May It Be - Edward Ross/Enya because In Dreams actually starts the credits and runs into May It Be, although MIB was the one nominated for the Oscar.