Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Reluctant praying

Why are most Christians (either in the world (I doubt), the West (possibly), the UK (likely), or my friendship group (it certainly seems so)) reluctant to pray?  I don't mean in general, but in certain situations.  Such as saying grace.  Or 'opening in prayer' (or closing for that matter).
I think it might be because these situations happen so often that it seems hard to be original and to say something that doesn't appear mundane and generic.  How many ways are there, really, to say thankyou for food?  And opening in prayer is such a generic thing, 'thankyou that we can meet here together, please be with us and speak to us blah blah blah'.  People don't like to volunteer for these things because they don't know what to say while still sounding genuine.
I don't know any solutions to this yet.  But it's a bit worrying, and this is a bit of a tip of an iceberg-sized rant on prayer and how we do it, which is not yet formulated enough to write.

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