Monday, November 22, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part One

To everyone (individuals, websites, magazines etc.) saying that the latest Harry Potter film is good/impressive/brilliant/insert any other positive word here.

It is too late.

Maybe they've learnt to act now.  Maybe the characters have depth now.  Maybe the effects are convincing now.  Maybe the makers have learnt to adapt the novels now.

It is still too late.

It's one big saga, not 8 isolated films.  Just because one bit is good doesn't make the rest of it good.  Just because a mindless action film has one good chase scene, that doesn't make it a good film.

The filming of the Harry Potter books was doomed from the start, for reasons described here.  The fact that the films are improving doesn't stop them from being a disaster.

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Unknown said...

For anyone who might be thinking this post is a little silly or tongue-in-cheek, I assure you it is not.
Only 2 of the original 12 objections (numbers 9 and 10) were to do with the actual quality of the films.
The other 10 were about adaptation etc.
The fact that the latest film is of higher quality than the previous six is therefore largely irrelevant.