Monday, October 12, 2009

Attractive people

This is slightly random.
I was walking through Durham after training on Saturday and noticed something that I'd noticed before but not to this extent.  I noticed that (and this may sound horrifically cheesy) in my eyes people are just really attractive.  Everyone I walked past was attractive.  I didn't see anyone who I'd consider ugly.  Thinking about it, I can't think of anyone I know who I'd say isn't nice-looking.  I know it's cheesy but I just think that people are inherently attractive.
As far as I know, this is unusual.  As far as I know, most people observe others with some sort of scale of attractiveness.  Is that the case?
Either I am unusual in this, or I'm mistaken about how everyone else views people.  Comments please.


cfg said...

I hope that just because I've left Durham, I still get to go on your 'attractive' list..? I feel very flattered, thanks :)

Thanks for the fix of Jigginsness to bring a smile to my evening xx

Unknown said...

My sister thinks this way too, and her friends think it's weird. Maybe it's genetic.