Friday, May 02, 2008

ManU/Chelsea hate list

I'm trying to decide who to support in the Champion's League final. It comes down to how many people I dislike from each team. Currently, my 'ManU/Chelsea hate list' is thus (most hated first): Alex Ferguson (bully, arrogant), John Terry (bully, cheat, thug), Didier Drogba (diver, whiner, cheat), Cristiano Ronaldo (diver, arrogant), Ricardo Carvalho (cheat), Michael Essien (thug), Wayne Rooney (thug, bully) Michael Ballack (cheat). There are other people I dislike, but these are the ones that really annoy me. There are more Chelsea people on the list, but the Ferguson factor is huge. I really don't know who I want to win. It'll probably be whoever doesn't win the Premier League - I don't think I could cope with either doing the double!

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Joe 50 said...

My thoughts exactly; I think balance I would like Man U to win the league and Chelsea to win Europe, mainly because that is the most likely way round, but also so I can undividedly support Newcastle against Chelsea.