Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Does anyone else get a bit annoyed with encores?  They're just so contrived.  The band go off, the lights stay low, no-one moves, people shout and clap, and the band come back on to play songs that everyone knew they were going to play, because they include the bands biggest hit, and the band planned them into the setlist before the gig.
I wish we could have real encores.  Where the band play their whole set as planned and then they go off and the lights come up.  If it has been a particularly impressive show, or if the crowd are particularly partisan, they shout for more and the band reappear and play a song that they've already played because they hadn't planned an encore.

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Elliespeaks said...

I so completely agree. I feel the same way when musical theatre companies really drag out the whole bowing thing. Bow once, bow twice, MAYBE bow thrice, but any more than that is just silly!