Friday, September 24, 2010

3-track sequences

While listening to Bloc Party's 'A weekend in the city' yesterday, I was reminded of how brilliant the three track sequence from tracks 8 to 10 is. The led me to ponder other three track sequences that I adore.
I decided to browse my music collection and note down such sequences. I expected to find maybe 20 or so. I found 88. 88! Insane! Many of those consisted of more than 3 tracks, some even hit double figures, several accounted for entire albums or almost entire albums. And this is not counting the many superb songs I know that just don't happen to occur as part of such sequences on their albums.
I am once again amazed at (a) how much awesome music I own, (b) how lucky I am to own it, and (c) what a huge effect music has on me.

If anyone is interested, the sequences are below. Apologies for the lack of consistency in capitalisation.

Anberlin – Cities – Godspeed/Adelaide/A whisper and a clamour
Anberlin – Cities – Inevitable/Dismantle.Repair/Fin
Anberlin – New Surrender – Breaking/Blame Me! Blame Me!/Retrace
Ash – Free All Angels – Walking Barefoot/Shining Light/Burn Baby Burn
Athlete – Beyond the Neighbourhood – Airport Disco/It's not your fault/The Outsiders/Flying over bus stops/Second Hand Stores
Athlete – Black Swan – Superhuman Touch/The Getaway/Black Swan Song
Athlete – Tourist – Wires/If I found out/Yesterday Threw Everything At Me
Bloc Party – Silent Alarm – This Modern Love/Pioneers/The Price of Gas
Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City – Song for Clay/Hunting for Witches/Waiting for the7.18/The Prayer/Uniform
Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City – Kreuzberg/I Still remember/Sunday
Bluetree – Greater Things – Life's Noise/Burn Me Up/For You
British Sea Power – The Decline of British Sea Power – Fear of Drowning/The Lonely/Carrion/Blackout/Lately/A Wooden Horse
British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music? - Lights out for darker skies/No Lucifer/Waving Flags
Casting Crowns – Lifesong – Praise You in this Storm/Does anybody hear her?/Stained glass Masquerade
Coldplay – A rush of blood to the head – In my place/God put a smile on your face/The Scientist/Clocks
DCTalk – Jesus Freak – Coloured People/Jesus Freak/What if I Stumble?
DCTalk – Jesus Freak – In the light/What have we become?/Mind's eye
Delirious – Glo – God you are my God/Glo in the dark part 1/God's Romance/Investigate/Glo in the dark part 2/What would I have done?/My Glorious/Everything
Delirious – King of Fools – Sanctify/Deeper/Revival Town
Delirious – King of Fools – White Ribbon Day/King of Fools/History Maker
Delirious – Kingdom of Comfort – God is Smiling/Give What You've Got/Love will find a way
Delirious – Mezzamorphis – The Mezzanine Floor/Heaven/Follow/Bliss
Delirious – The Mission Bell – Miracle Maker/Here I am Send Me/Fires Burn/Our God Reigns
Delirious – World Service – Rain Down/God in Heaven/Majesty/Inside Outside
Easyworld – This is where I stand – Try not to think/100 weight/Junkies and Whores/This is where I stand/A stain to never fade/Demons
Editors – The Back Room – Lights/Munich/Blood
Editors – An End has a Start – Smokers outside the hospital doors/An end has a start/The weight of the world/Bones
Enya – A day without rain – A day without rain/Wild Child/Only Time
Evanescence – Fallen – Going Under/Bring me to life/Everybody's Fool/My Immortal
Feeder – Comfort in Sound – Just the way I'm feeling/Come back around/Helium/Child in you/Comfort in Sound
Feeder – Pushing the Senses – Feeling a Moment/Bitter Glass/Tumble and Fall
Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out/The dark of the matinee/Auf Achse
Heat – Can I See Heaven – One Sacrifice/Can I see heaven/In love with God/To love you more/Arms of love/Arise and Shine/Can I see heaven part 2
Idlewild – 100 Broken Windows – Little Discourage/I don't have the map/These wooden ideas/Roseability/Idea Track/Let me sleep
Idlewild – Make another world – You and I are both away/Ghost in the Arcade/Once in your life/Finished it remains
Idlewild – The Remote Part – You held the world/A modern way of letting go/American English
Idlewild – The Remote Part – Tell me ten words/Stay the same/Scottish Fiction
Idlewild – Warnings/Promises – El Capitan/Blame it on the obvious ways/Disconnected/Goodnight
Kato – Welcome to my world – Natural High/Javaman/Heaven Help
Killers – Hot Fuss – Jenny was a friend of mine/Mr Brightside/Smile like you mean it/Somebody told me/All these things that I've done
Killers – Sam's Town – Sam's Town/Enterlude/When you were young/Bling/For reasons unknown/Read my mind/Uncle Jonny/Bones
Lifehouse – No Name Face – Hanging by a moment/Sick cycle carousel/Unknown
Lifehouse – No Name Face – Only One/Simon/Breathing/Quasimodo/Somewhere in between/Everything
Lifehouse – Smoke and Mirrors – Halfway Gone/It is what it is/From where you are
Live – Birds of Pray – Heaven/She/The sanctity of dreams/Run Away
Matt Redman – Facedown – Facedown/Breathing the breath/Mission's Flame
Matt Redman – The Friendship and the Fear – There is a louder shout to come/Believer/Bowing Down/Deep calls to deep
Matt Redman – The Friendship and the Fear - Knocking on the door of heaven/Once again/Can I ascend/Can we walk upon the water/The way of the cross/I need to get the fire back/The yoke is easy/The friendship and the fear/In the waiting
Matt Redman – Intimacy – The heart of worship/Now to live the life/For the cross
Matt Redman – Passion for your name – It's rising up/The cross has said it all/I will offer up my life
Matt Redman – We shall not be shaken – We shall not be shaken/Through it all/You alone can rescue
Matt Redman – Where Angels Fear to Tread – Blessed Be/Befriended/When my heart runs dry
Mew – And the glass handed kites – Circuitry of the wolf/Chinaberry tree/Why are you looking grave/Fox cub/Apocalypso/Special/The zookeeper's boy
Mew – Frengers – Am I wry? No/156/Snow Brigade/Symmetry/Behind the drapes/Her voice is beyond her years/Eight flew over, one was destroyed/She came home for Christmas/Shespider/Comforting sounds
Muse – Absolution – Apocalypse Please/Time is running out/Sing for absolution/Stockholm Syndrome
Muse – Absolution – Butterflies and Hurricanes/The Small Print/Endlessly/Thoughts of a dying atheist
Muse – Black Holes and Revelations – Take a bow/Starlight/Supermassive black hole/Map of the problematique
Muse – Origin of Symmetry – Plug in baby/Citizen Erased/Micro cuts
Muse – The resistance – Uprising/Resistance/Undisclosed desires/United states of Eurasia/Guiding Light/Unnatural selection
Oasis – Be Here Now – D'you know what I mean/My big mouth/Magic Pie/Stand by me
Oasis – (What's the story) Morning Glory – Hello/Roll with it/Wonderwall/Don't look back in anger
RHCP – By the way – Cabron/Tear/On Mercury
RHCP – Californication – Around the world/Parallel Universe/Scar Tissue/Otherside/Get on top/Californication/Easily
Sabio – Escape – Mother/Frozen/Carry me
Santiago – Dance – Fade/Ne Puritans/Pyrotechnophobes
Sigur Ros - () - Vaka/Frysta/Samskeyti
Sigur Ros – Takk – Takk/Glosoli/Hoppipolla/Meo Blodnasir/Se Lest/Saeglopur/Milano/Gong
Sixpence none the richer – Divine Discontent – Still Burning/Melody of you/Paralyzed
Stellastarr* - Harmonies for the haunted – Lost in Time/Damn this foolish heart/The diver/Sweet troubled soul/Born in a fleamarket/On my own
Stereophonics – Roll up and shine/The bartender and the thief/Hurry up and wait/pick a part that's new
Steve – Falling down – Zealous core/My ever my all/M/Fine/Falling down/Divine design/Smile/Hunger/Hey now/I am here
Strangeday – Blink and miss it – Lead me on/Fearfully, wonderfully/It'll be alright/Trust in you/Wonderful
Tait – Empty – Spy/Talk about Jesus/American Tragedy
Tait – Empty – Carried away/Empty/Unglued
Tim Hughes – Here I am to worship – Maker of all things/May the words of my mouth/Here I am to worship
Tim Hughes – When Silence Falls – Beautiful one/You/Consuming fire/Giver of life/Whole world in his hands
Tom and Olly – Tom and Olly – Little things/Daydreamer/Trouble/Let me tell you
Tom and Olly – Tom and Olly – Love at the disco/Sun is shingins/Dream of change/Paint a smile/Jamie/City stars/Falling
U2 – Achtung Baby – Zoo station/Even better than the real thing/One/Until the end of the world
U2 – All that you can't leave behind – Beautiful day/Stuck in a moment/Elevation/Walk On/Kite
U2 – All that you can't leave behind – New York/Grace/Ground beneath her feet
U2 – How to dismantle and atomic bomb – Vertigo/Miracle drug/Sometimes you can't make it on your own
U2 – How to dismantle and atomic bomb – City of blinding lights/All because of you/A man and a woman/Crumbs from your table
U2 – The Joshua Tree – Where the streets have no name/I still haven't found what I'm looking for/With or without you
U2 – Gloria/I fall down/I threw a brick through a window/Rejoice/Fire/Tomorrow
U2 – War – Sunday Bloody Sunday/Seconds/New year's day/Like a song
World wide message tribe – Techno intro/Reach for heaven/In my life/Alleluia
World wide message tribe – The cross/Life/O come all ye faithful

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