Sunday, August 22, 2010

Films of the decade

Having produced a series of 'Albums of the Decade' posts at the end of 2009, I thought I should also produce a 'Films of the Decade' list. I tried to do this, but couldn't get 10. I either got stuck on about 4, or, having included a few more, rapidly shot up to about 15. So instead of going for the best films of the noughties, I've picked out 10 films from that decade that, for various reasons, you should watch. This is not my top 10 (you'll notice an absence of Stardust, Shrek 2, The Prestige, Equilibrium and others that would have been contenders). Instead, it's just 10 films I recommend that you watch, if you haven't already. Films in alphabetical order. Links take you to trailers.

Because it's some of the best writing and acting of the decade and because it's a superb portrayal of John Nash's life.

Because it's jointly the most moving film I've ever seen (with Return of the King) and because its message is an important one.  Review here.

Gladiator (2000)
Because it's just awesome - acting, script, action, name it.

Because it's the best damn film ever. Do not argue with me!

Memento (2000)
Because the storytelling style is so unique and because it will make you think hard, which is something you don't do enough.

Because of it's unique wackyness and because it's actually a really good film too.

Shrek (2001)
Because it's the one of the cleverest films of the decade, and also very funny and moving.

Because it's almost the perfect action film, and because Christopher Nolan deserves to be on this list twice.

Because even though I'm not very into this sort of film, this one gripped me, and because the lead actors are superb.

Up (2009)
Because it represents so much about Pixar – excellent animation, the ability to make moving films about animated characters, and their strongest theme of unlikely friendships.

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