Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dancing part 2

I few months ago I blogged about dancing.

This is an extension of that blog.

I've just got back from a wedding. Always fun.
After the meal and speeches, there was an opportunity to learn a type of dancing called ceroc (pronounced sur-ROCK - emphasis on 2nd syllable). It sounded like fun.
Then the instructor said something along the lines of 'everyone has to do this, no excuses, and there'll be forfeits for anyone who doesn't).
Now, I know this was tongue-in-cheek, but it still really grated with me. I get very annoyed when it is assumed that everyone will dance, and when people look at you as though you're a freak if you don't, or else try desperately to get you to join in because 'it's fun' or 'everyone else is'. It seems that dancing is the one activity that everyone is expected to do.
So, having thought this sounded like a good idea, and having been up for having a go, I heard this statement from the instructor, Stubborn-Ben reared his head and I decided not to learn ceroc.

Shame, but it really wound me up.

One other thing. Tonight, I was asked to dance by a friend of mine. When I said no (Stubborn-Ben) she said 'ok' and didn't persist. It's only a little thing, but I was very grateful that she didn't push it.

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