Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the Silence of Beginning

A friend of mine, Chris Juby, has written an important song. It’s called In the Silence of Beginning (The Lamb, Eternal, Slain)

It’s about Jesus as the sacrifice right through history, not just on Calvary hill. I think British Christians can get too caught up in ‘The Cross’ and miss the rest of salvation history. This song is important because it emphasises Jesus as the sacrifice right from creation.

In a little coincidence, this week I have been trying to think of a short phrase that sums up my Christian worldview. The best I’ve got so far is ‘Jesus is eternal’, which links nicely with this song. Here are the lyrics:

In the silence of beginning
Spoke the love prepared to pay
So the wellspring of creation
Was the Lamb, eternal, slain.
In the glory of the Godhead
As the universe was made
Was the promise of redemption
In the Lamb, eternal, slain.

From the blood of righteous Abel
As the world gave way to hate
Every sin cried out for vengeance
For the Lamb, eternal, slain.
By the code of temple worship
Sacrifice of blood was made
In that sacrifice, the shadow
Of the Lamb, eternal, slain.

On the cross, in desolation
As he bore our sins away
Hear his prayer “Father, forgive them”
See the Lamb, eternal, slain.
Through his blood we have forgiveness
For he died to take our place
Death itself has been defeated
By the Lamb, eternal, slain.

Now alive in risen glory
Though the wounds of love remain
Holding out the Father’s mercy
Know the Lamb, eternal, slain.
When that final kingdom trumpet
Heralds his triumphant reign
We will worship him forever
Hail the Lamb, eternal, slain.

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