Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boring Christians

I was sitting in the Spring Harvest big top last week, looking around at the people in there.
Most of them just looked very boring and out of touch with reality. They looked uninteresting, soppy, week and disillusioned. Now, this is not a judgement about these people, just a comment on how they appear.
The scariest thing about what I was thinking was ‘I wouldn’t join this!’ If I wasn’t already a Christian, on the basis of what I saw at Spring Harvest (generally considered to be a large, exciting, contemporary festival), I wouldn’t be interested in finding out more about Jesus.
In terms of what I heard in the teaching, and the experience of Spring Harvest, I would want to find out more. But just on the basis of how people appeared, which is likely to be the first judgement people make, I wouldn’t be interested.
I think it was partly the age range, partly the hair and clothing styles, and partly the general behaviour that combined to the overall look of boringness. Also, they didn't look excited to be there. They looked indifferent - massive turn-off. It’s hard to describe in words, but it scared me.

N. B. If you were there, this isn’t intended as a dig at you – you may have been one of the interesting-looking ones!

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